Many thanks to all the talented folks who took the time to audition for our Main Stage Production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. It was a tough decision, but most of the roles for the show have been cast! The Bandleader role remains to be filled. Visit the Auditions page for contact information and a role description list. For performance information, show dates, and to buy tickets, visit our Main Stage Productions page.

The Cast:
Madison Houck — Miss Mona
Matt Kougasian — Sheriff Ed Earl
John E. Sims — Bandleader
Luisa A. Fuentes — Jewel
Brian H. Eller — Melvin
Theresa Murphy — Doatsy Mae
Will Sandoval — Governor
Katie Weigl — Angel
Sarah Mason — Shy
Erik O’Connell — Edsel
Eric Parkin — Rufus
Peter Oliff — Senator Wingwoah
Robert Klein — C.J. Scruggs
Dana Daddio — Linda Lou
Jeanine Conrad — Ginger
Libby Honan — Dawn
Megan Fulmer — Ruby Rae/Girl 4/Angelette/Dogette
Crystal Bennett — Eloise/Girl 2
Sivan Kaynar-Kissinger — Beatrice/Dogette/Angelette
Alex Hartman — Taddy Jo/Dogette/Angelette
Anelena Frollini — Durla/Dogette/Angelette
Larissa Reynolds — Imogene/Girl 1
Chuck LaCorte — Aggie 1, Bubba/Reporter 1/Cameraman
Anthony Tessitore — Aggie 2, Lonnie/Reporter 2/Salesman
Vincent Plantamura — Aggie 3, Eugene/Shy Kid/Thorpe Singer
Adam Kastl — Aggie 4/Clifford/Farmer/Announcer
Andy Calderone — Scandinavian Place Kicker, Alvar/Assistant/Thorpe Singer
Steven Slatten — TV Colorman/Aide/Heckler 1/Thorpe Singer
Erica Kresch — Wulla Jean/Thorpe Singer
Paula Gansel — Reporter 3/Thorpe Singer/Heckler 2
Kate Revell — Thorpe Singer/Heckler 4
Amy Shera — Angelette/Dogette

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