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Old Library Theatre is seeking directors for two upcoming Special Events, to be presented as part of its 2014 Season: our annual benefit concert and a youth theater production.

For one night only, on June 28, 2014, OLT will present its annual benefit concert, proceeds from which help fund our season main stage productions. The past two seasons, we presented “Broadway Then & Now,” showcasing show tunes past and present connected by theme. If you are interested in directing this year’s concert, please submit your proposed theme and theatrical resume to

As part of our developing Youth Programs series, OLT will produce a full youth theater production May 16-18 and 23-25, 2014. This production is designed to involve youth (ages 16 and under) in the magic of theater. If you are interested in directing this year’s youth production, please submit up to three proposals (to include production name, holder of rights, cast requirements, proposed budget for sets, props and costumes) and theatrical resume to

All submissions are due by January 15, 2014.

For more information about the concert, visit our Special Events page. For more information about youth programs, visit our Youth Programs page.


At our November meeting, nominations were accepted for all Executive Board positions for 2014. Elections will occur at our December meeting, Tuesday, December 10.

Only Friends in good standing, who have been Friends for a minimum of one month prior to the elections date, are eligible to vote. Ballots will be mailed to all Friends eligible to vote by November 26. For more information about elections procedures, review the Constitution and Bylaws on our downloads page.

The nominees are as follows:

Craig Tiede

“It has been my pleasure serving as Old Library Theatre’s president during the 2013 season and I’m honored to be nominated for reelection. 2013 has been an exciting year for the organization, as many new initiatives were implemented. Thanks to the efforts of this year’s executive board, we unveiled a new website, better serving the needs of our Friends and patrons; found additional ways to showcase the diverse talents and interests of community members, through our Reader’s Theatre series, special events, internship program and teen showcase; and, implemented a comprehensive assessment plan, feedback from which has already led to improvements behind the scenes and on the stage. I welcome the opportunity to continue this work throughout the 2014 season, as we pursue new initiatives already in place – paid staff, the addition of a straight play to our main stage offerings, new fund raising efforts – and those yet to be discovered. It is my opinion that community theater should enlighten, involve and impress, bringing the art of theatre to the community and the joys of community to the creation of theatre. It is my desire to see OLT become one of New Jersey’s preeminent community theaters and I welcome all who share my goal to join us!”

Vice President:
Julie Galorenzo

“Serving on the board as secretary since May has been a very exciting time. I took on a large project by proposing the OLT NYC Experience and Teen Showcase. I believe that a lot of good has been done this year and I know there are several priority items for myself as the VP. Some of those include: aggressive fundraising campaigns, children/teen theaters, education and workshops, significant set and design improvement in shows, and creating and active membership. I am excited for the road ahead. I anticipate a great year and making the changes we must instilling in order to become a best in class and distinctive community theater.”

Dawn Cardona

“I am honored to be nominated for the position of Secretary at Old Library Theatre. I would love to work alongside the other nominees to continue the amazing work that the previous Executive Board members have begun at OLT and implement some new ideas, as well. Together, I hope to play a part in creating an inviting a warm environment which will help our beautiful theatre become a place where each of its members becomes more involved and feels completely at home the way that I have been made to feel this past year. My 25 years in community theatre and my 15 years of teaching English will certainly help me to do my job as your secretary well. I believe myself to be a competent person who is capable of communicating all of the meetings and upcoming events as well as making you aware of opportunities for each of you to become involved and correspond with the Executive Board. Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to working with you all in the year ahead!”

Joseph Schreck

“My past experience includes 30 years in banking & finance, along with the same number of years in various aspects of theater. Former past president of OLT (96-99), worked as a director in over 15 theater’s throughout the state of NJ, current OLT Publicity Chairperson. Presently attending college working towards completion of my degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in English. 2014 director for the main stage production of Gypsy.”

Publicity Chair:
Brendan Joel Bartlett

“Why should Brendan be in charge of publicity? With some regret today I think I’ve already proven that not only do my friends and acquaintances pay attention to everything I do on line but also people who don’t appreciate me.  If my powers were harnessed, honed and only used for good there is no telling how far my publicity could cover. I believe I know the correct people and the correct channels to access to get our finger print and our voice and our brand out there- as approved first by the board. I know I still have a lot to learn and am willing to do so.”

House Manager:
Rachel Lichter

“Hello! I am interesting in being the House Manager for Old Library Theatre because it keep me involved in all the show, even if I am not directly working on it.  Being the House Manager, I get to work with other members of OLT while in the box office and I get to intact with the audience before the show.  It is excited to see who is coming to see the show and see the ticket sells go up.  I have stage managed with OLT multiple times among other theatres.  I am organized and I like to keep everything neat and in order.  As House Manager this year I would like to work on keeping everything organized in the box office and having our staff be somewhat uniform, friendly and professional. Thank you!”

Larry Leonardis

“For those who don’t me, I am married to Fran Leonardis and have helped out with OLT through the years, most recently working backstage on “Tommy”, a bit part in “Big Bad” a few years back, but mostly helping out with concessions, ticket sales, programs and candy kiss notes before shows. I am interested in the position of Webmaster for the OLT website. I have worked professionally in Information Technology (IT) for 20 years. Some of my skills include programming for Windows forms using languages such as Visual Basic, web forms using ASP, ASP.NET, JAVA, HTML, CSS and CMS (Content Management Software) including launching the first website in the world to send horse race and lottery results to cell phones when I worked for Scientific Games. I currently work for Century Bathworks as an IT manager running all aspects of the department which include server management, network infrastructure, engineering, website management/maintenance and all ranges of technical support for user’s computers and printers. Our company website currently uses Word Press which I believe is the same CMS software used by OLT and we are currently in the process of redesigning our site. The main goal for redesigning our site is to create a better web presence for our company. We want to improve our ranking in Google and other major search engines. We are a major company in the shower door business and we want to match that same relevance on the web. I am working with an outside company to achieve this and in the process will be learning new tips and tricks from them to improve the search engine optimization (SEO) for our website. With these helpful skills, I can also apply them to the OLT site to improve its web presence. This is certainly the most important goal of any website. A great looking website can only be appreciated if people see it. We want as many eyes as possible to find OLT to help drive more talent to auditions and more people to the shows. Hopefully with my experience, I can help do that. Thank you.”

Theresa Murphy

“For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Theresa Murphy.  I have been an unofficial member of OLT since 2009 and a “full-fledged” one since 2011.  I have participated onstage in five productions and behind the scenes in many as well.  In my tenure with OLT, I believe I have really grasped the intent and culture of the organization, as well as made long lasting friendships and memories with its’ members. That being said, it would be an honor to serve on the board as Webmaster.  I definitely possess the technical skills to keep up with OLT’s online networks, as well as have the tools to do so at my disposal.  In addition, I have the good of the organization in mind.  I believe it’s important for the members and community to have an easily accessible go-to for information such as audition info, show dates, fees and production photos.  Any question a member or OLT patron might have should be anticipated and easy to find on our sites.  My intentions are to continue keeping our site current and easily navigable, while improving those things that aren’t. Thank you for your time and consideration!”