Thank you and congratulations to all the talented youth performers who auditioned for us this past week. We are thrilled to announce final casting for Shrek Jr.!SHrek1_858__235_

Shrek – Matt Gonzales
Fiona, Townsperson – Sarah Lepre
Donkey – Anastasia Robitaille
Farquaad, Townsperson – Raphael Rakosi-Schmidt
Gingy, Sugarplum Fairy, Knight in scene 4 – Laura Kim
Pinocchio – Aiden LaFuente
Dragon, Townsperson, Duloc Performer – Sienna LaFuente
Young Fiona, Duloc Performer – Julia King
Teen Fiona, Puss In Boots – Alexa Jiminez
Sleepy Kid – Grace Schwartz
Storyteller, Mama Bear – Megan Fantuzzi
Papa Ogre, Mad Hatter – Frankie Scarnaty
Little Ogre, Knight, Dwarf – Aidan Mascoli
Captain of the Guard, Knight, Townsperson – Lauren Cappadona
Big Bad Wolf – Julian Jiminez
Pig 1 – Reilly Sylvester
Pig 3 – Julia Resnik
Wicked Witch, Mama Ogre – Victoria DiPaola
Peter Pan, Tap Rat – Zach Petzinger
Ugly Duckling – Sofia Hernandez
Papa Bear – Eric Robitaille
Baby Bear – Carina DiMaggio
Humpty Dumpty – David Hernandez
Buddy the Elf – Jena Zupp
King, Knight, Duloc Performer – Veronica Papianni
Queen, Knight, Duloc Performer – Ellie Gallo
Pied Piper, tapper – Nicole Quinn
Knight 1, Townsperson, Pig 2 – Kassidy O’Connor
Knight 2, Townsperson, Duloc Performer – Madeline Hawkins
Knight 3, Townsperson, Duloc Performer – Emily Schleisberger
Knight 4, Townsperson, Duloc Performer – Maya Dobbler
Bishop, Knight, Townsperson – Jessica Scheeler
Knight, Townsperson, Duloc Performer, Dish, Cow – Gabriella Cardona
Knight, Townsperson, Duloc Performer, Moon, Spoon – Grace Giordano
Knight, Duloc Performer, Townsperson, Little Dog that Laughed – Sofia Rakosi-Schmidt

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