Here are the OLT 2016 Executive Board nominees:


Craig TiedeCraigT-218I’m honored to once again be nominated to shepherd Old Library Theatre through an upcoming season as its President. Over the past three years, OLT has grown substantially – now offering four major productions, original musicals, an award-winning play festival, an annual concert and box-office-busting youth productions. So much work has gone on behind the scenes to get the group to where it is today and yet I still see so much opportunity for us to continue to grow, develop and distinguish ourselves as a premier community theater organization. As we look ahead to our 49th season, I’m excited to dig into our recently launched patron segmentation analysis, taking what we learn about our audiences and building out a strong, effective marketing plan. I’m also excited about the many new faces that have joined OLT throughout the past year – each seeking out ways to become actively involved on-stage and off, and ensuring the company will continue to thrive and evolve for many seasons to come. It is my philosophy that community theater is both of, and for, the community and I strongly support OLT’s mission to provide quality theater at an affordable cost, welcoming people in to the collaborative art of theater from all walks of life and levels of experience. OLT is now a bastion of friendly, dedicated, supportive and creative lovers of live theater. I’m proud of my contributions to that and look forward to contributing even more during our 49th season!

Vice President

Angela VidaangelaI, Angela Vida, accept my nomination for Vice President of Old Library Theatre’s 2016 Executive Board. I never made a conscious decision to enter the theatre world. Singing, dancing, and all contained therein has been part of my life since my earliest memories. Although I was raised in a close-knit family, I loved becoming a part of a new family with every show. Theatre companies possess an opportunity to not only create families within cast and crew, but within communities of supporters and vendors. I was welcomed into the Old Library Theatre family more recently than many, but I have strived to make an impact both onstage and off. As vice president of OLT, my goal is to strengthen the family so we can continue to create the quality productions for which we are known. I believe building our subscription base, as well as relationships with local businesses and schools, will create stronger viewership, a greater supply of performers and crew, and growth opportunities we can not yet imagine. I would welcome and honor the opportunity to aid in making Old Library Theatre a more successful, organized, and impactful company in 2016.


Matthew HainesMatthewH-218I am honored to be nominated for the position of Secretary at OLT. In my first year with the company, I have connected with a number of wonderful people and I have experienced the wonderful and inviting atmosphere that this company provides for performers of all kinds. This warm reception has given me the incentive to become more involved and do whatever I can to help OLT grow and thrive. I am truly excited for the 2016 season and hope to bring insight and ideas collaboratively with the rest of the board in order to help Old Library Theatre succeed and continue to provide amazing opportunities for local performers.


Linda WielkotzLindaW-218I am proud to accept the nomination for Treasurer for 2016. OLT has been a group I have been proud to be a part of since 1976. The group is one of the theatres in the area that has not only produced classic and well known pieces, but also newer , edgier and original ones too. The group is well structured ,organized and welcomes everyone. In my years with the group, I have served as past president, vice president, secretary, publicity and treasurer. The last few years while I was not on the board, I have seen the group continue to grow and survive from its former home on River Road to its new location at the Community Center. It continues to provide quality entertainment for everyone. While I have been involved in many groups in NJ and NY, OLT has always been special in my heart and one that I will always call home. I would hope to once again serve on the Board of Directors.

Cynthia Smith BarrycynthiaMy name is Cynthia Smith Barry, and the intent of this letter is to inform you of my interest in becoming Treasurer for Old Library Theatre, the resident theatre company of Fair Lawn, NJ. Currently, I am a teacher who has taught either elementary or middle school for the past 16 years, and I direct our yearly middle school production. Most recently, I am in rehearsal for OLT’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

I understand this commitment involves serving a one year term on the board, attending and participating in a monthly board meeting, as well as various OLT functions throughout the year. I feel I would be a valuable Board Member, not only because I was a professional actress for nine years prior to settling down in Fair Lawn, but I have been a resident of Fair Lawn for over 32 years, raising three children here. I am able to attend board meetings, theatre functions, and attend to any local banking easily. I would accept this post to the Executive Board of OLT with all the seriousness and accuracy that the position requires.

Publicity Chair

Evan T. CharpentierEvanC-218I am really flattered to be nominated for a second consecutive year for a position on the Executive Board of Old Library Theatre. OLT has come to feel like ‘home’ to me, and I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and giving back to a theater company which has given so much to me. As Publicity Chair, it would be my goal to create new links between OLT and the surrounding community that will keep us in people’s minds, and cement our reputation as a vital, thriving, and necessary artistic institution.

House Manager

Charleen TrimblecharleenI am pleased to accept my nomination as House Manager. For the past two years I have been involved in numerous productions with OLT. During this time I have come to love this organization for its professionalism and the strong sense of community and family it has given me. As House Manager, I want not only our members but each of our patrons to feel included and respected in this family. It is my goal to build a warm and welcoming environment with everyone that enters our theater. I also want to maintain and build upon our current reputation of professionalism. I would like to include more lobby decorations for performances that showcase both past and upcoming productions as well as ways for community to be involved. I will maintain the same atmosphere at auditions as well so new faces will experience our quality of work from their first interaction. I will continue organizational habits of the past such as online ticket registry, maintaining a Google Voice account for ticket registrations/concerns and using Google documents to maintain accurate records of purchases and attendance at every performance. I am also extremely open to collaboration and suggestions from other members on how to make the front of house experience as best as it can be for every patron. I thank all members for your nomination and inclusion in a theater company that I hold in very high regard. It will be an honor to serve both with and for you all.


Rachel LichterRachelL-218-2My name is Rachel Lichter, and I am running for the Old Library Theatre Executive Board position of Webmaster. For the past 3 years I have been OLT’s House manager, and I have over 10 years of Stage Management experience. As house manager, I was able to keep organized through the use of Google Sheets, and Google Voice for tickets. I also shared information for casts and crew through the use of Google Drive and Dropbox. I am computer savvy and pick things up very quickly. As webmaster, I would keep the OLT page updated with pictures and videos of our past and upcoming shows. I would also make sure that our shows, events, fundraisers and ticket information is all up to date and easily accessible. I thank you for your consideration.

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