One Act Play Festival- Top 15 Selections!

Old Library Theatre would like to thank all the playwrights who submitted their work for consideration for production during our upcoming 7th Annual One Act Play Festival. We received an astounding 676 plays for this year’s festival and were so pleased with the breadth and quality of the offerings.

We are thrilled to announce the top 15 finalists and offer our congratulations to the playwrights. Six of these fifteen will be selected for production by the festival’s directors and producers, and auditions will be held in November 2017.

A Gentler Place by Jeff Carter
After finding human remains on their new property, a couple gets unexpected advice from the town sheriff.

A Widow Safe and Secure by Darren V. Michael
Cultures collide when a widow posts a room for rent in her home.

Bro by Robb Willoughby
A mentally unstable man tries to convince his brother that their mother killed their father.

Confessions of a Character Actor by Aaron M. Leventman
When a young actor is cast in a role that hits a bit too close to home, he finds he has a confession to make.

Cuthbert’s Last Stand by Andrew Biss
A mother is determined to set up her son with the partner of her dreams.

Genesis by Thomas Pierce
The threat of the world’s end provides a divorced couple with the chance at a new beginning.

Is This Seat Taken? by Brad Sytsma
Exes consider if starting over, and over again, can bring them back together.

Margins by David Susman
A college student confronts her professor about his notes on her recent paper.

Split Decision by Kitty Dubin
A couple in crisis sits down with a divorce counselor to attempt an amicable and easy split.

Suggested Donation by Duncan Pflaster
Experimental theater and concessions without a set price drive one patron over the edge.

The Amazing Adventures of Dirk Dallaway in the 27th Century by Corey Pajka
A space cowboy is threatened by a glactic warlord, but is more interested in the kitschy relics he recently recovered from the lost planet Earth.

The Callback by Leland Frankel
An actress who didn’t earn a callback takes the future of her career into her own, deranged hands.

The High Road by Seth Freeman
Road rage prompts a friendly bet a driver is determined to win.

The Quick Start Guide to Booting Your Man-Bot by Phil Darg
A lovelorn woman turns to technology, but soon becomes convinced the product is faulty.

Vigilance by Mike Sockol
A vet concerns patrons of a southern diner with his political perspectives.

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