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Friendship Details

Friendship runs by calendar year: January 1 – December 31. Friendship becomes active once payment notification is received by Old Library Theatre. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to become a Friend of Old Library Theatre.

Friends are voting members of OLT and are automatically added to OLT’s mailing list, invited to monthly meetings and are eligible for election to executive board positions (see the Constitution and Bylaws for additional information).

For additional Friendship questions, please contact us at

2017 Friends

Betty Ann Agresta
Leanna Agresta
Dom Antonelli
Bob Asony
Lauren Babus
Lowell Babus
Brendan Bartlett
Brian Bateman
Amy Calzone
Matt Cavallo
Julie Galorenzo
Mollie Gash
Hannah Gash
Matt Haines
Pearl Hart
Sheryl Heffernan
RV Heffernan
Heather Hussey Niceski
Bill Kaufman
Ellen Kovarik
Jennifer Lepre
Al Lomartire
Ellen Lowney
Marilyn McMillan
Maureen McNulty
Greg Paradis
Peg Peet
Karen Peterson
Helene Reiff
Frank Riccobono
Dawn Robitaille
Rich Robitaille
Ira Rubin
Greta Rubin
Caitlin Schiro
Randi Seffinger
Cynthia Smith Barry
Al Smith
Patt Tanner
Craig Tiede
Angela Vida
Linda Wielkotz
Thomas Winkler