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OLT Presents The Robber Bridegroom!

Old Library Theatre, Fair Lawn Recreation Department’s resident theater company and NJACT’s 2017 Community Theater of the Year, is proud to present The Robber Bridegroom! Be sure to purchase tickets for the upcoming performances!

Performances are:
February 16th at 8 p.m.
February 17th at 8 p.m.
February 18th at 2 p.m.

February 23rd at 8 p.m.
February 24th at 8 p.m.
February 25th at 2 p.m.

For tickets, call (973) OLT-4420, email, or at the following link:

General admission. Adults – $20 | Seniors (60+) – $18 | Children Under 12 – $12

OLT Presents Side Show!

Old Library Theatre, Fair Lawn Recreation Department’s resident theater company and NJACT’s 2017 Community Theater of the Year, is proud to present Side Show!

Performances are:
March 9th at 8 p.m.
March 10 at 8 p.m.
March 11 at 2 p.m.

March 16 at 8 p.m.
March 17 at 8 p.m.
March 18 at 2 p.m.

For tickets, call (973) OLT-4420, email, or at the following link Side Show.

General admission. Adults – $20 | Seniors (60+) – $18 | Children Under 12 – $12


Please join us on Wednesday, February 7th for a master class and Q&A featuring Bill Russell, the writer of the Broadway classic Side Show! The program begins at 7 p.m. This is a rare opportunity to gain insights from the Broadway lyricist. Registration is not required, and the event is free for all!


On Tuesday, January 23, 2018, Old Library Theatre presented its annual Season Preview event, kicking off our 51st season: More Than Meets the Eye. We offered a sneak peak at each of our upcoming productions with presentations and performances that introduced our audience to stories featuring singular, iconic characters whose internal dreams rarely match their external realities.

Featuring Brandon Conti and the cast of Robber Bridegroom, Brian Hall, Brian Edward Levario, Sarah Lepre, Jeff Gallup, Anthony Finke, Steve Yates, Randi Seffinger, Danny Arnold, Donna Bialkin, Jesse Bush, and Patt Tanner.

Take a look!

Videography by Tom and Paula Viccaro.

Congratulations to the cast of Side Show!

Thank you to all who auditioned for our upcoming production of Side Show. We’re thrilled to congratulate those who will be joining our cast:

Side Show
Kara Wilson – Daisy
Emily Locklear – Violet
Brian Levario – Buddy
Mason Reich – Terry
Branden Mangan – Jake
Alan Gonzalez- Sir
Heather Cozine- Auntie
Corinne Walker- Fortune Teller
James Perlas – Ray / Roustabout/ Ensemble
Brian George- Houdini / Ensemble
Corey Hollinger- Dog Boy/ Ensemble
Adam Mahonchak- 3 Legs / Ensemble
AJ Deliantis- Lizard Man / Lawyer
MJ Son- Tattoo Girl / Ensemble
Eric Robitaille- The Geek
Leah Feingold- Venus
Lauren Green- Bearded Lady / Ensemble
Brandon Emann – HalfManWoman
Pedro Jimenez- Pin Cushion/ Ensemble
Bill Benedict- Judge/ Browning/ Rousta
Justin Roth – Male Cossack
Annie Krukis- Female Cossack
Javier Garcia – Lobster Boy / Ensemble
Miriam Messer- The Albino
Ali Miller – Snake charmer / Cleo / ensemble
Matt Fennelly- Roustabout/ Ensemble
Brandon Brown – Roustabout / Ensemble
Eviana Hawkins- Ensemble
Dana Patrice- Ensemble

2018 Season Preview

Please join us for our 2018 Season preview! You are welcome to pre-register for the event here. In lieu of our January 2018 general meeting, we’re presenting a sneak peek at the productions comprising our 51st season: More Than Meets the Eye.

“There’s always another story. There’s more than meets the eye.” – W.H. Auden

Founded in 1967 in Fair Lawn by a handful of dreamers who wanted to make the joy of theatre performance available to everyone, Old Library Theatre began a five decade journey of reflecting, and contributing, to its time. As the arc of history and the shape of art bent toward progress and back again, we held a mirror up to the human experience, bringing the tragedies and triumphs of great fictional characters to our community, and challenging performers and patrons alike to consider how those stories could shape their own. This season, Old Library Theatre presents stories featuring singular characters whose internal dreams rarely match their external realities. Experience what can happen when you look closer and discover the more behind each pair of eyes. We hope you will join us!

Tuesday, January 23, 7:30pm

This event is FREE and open to the public. Refreshments will be served in the lobby prior to the preview. Those who preregister will receive a special gift.

The Seventh Annual One Act Festival

Old Library Theatre, Fair Lawn Recreation Department’s resident theater company and NJACT’s 2017 Community Theater of the Year, is proud to present “The 7th Annual One Act Play Festival,” our annual NJACT Perry-award nominated showcase of original, one act plays. This year’s festival will include five original pieces:

Margins – Written by David Susman, Directed by Beatriz Esteban-Messina
A college student confronts her professor about his notes on her recent paper.

Split Decision – Written by Kitty Dubin, Directed by Bill Kaufman
A couple in crisis sits down with a divorce counselor to attempt an amicable and easy split.

Suggested Donation – Written by Duncan Pflaster, Directed by Cynthia Smith Barry
Experimental theater and concessions without a set price drive one patron over the edge.

The Callback – Written by Leland Frankel, Directed by Marilyn Schilkie
An actress who didn’t earn a callback takes the future of her career into her own, deranged hands.

The Quick Start Guide to Booting Your Man-Bot – Written by Phil Darg, Directed by Thomas Winkler
A lovelorn woman turns to technology, but soon becomes convinced the product is faulty.

​Four performances only:
Friday, January 26 at 8:00pm
Saturday, January 27 at 2:00pm & 8:00pm
Sunday, January 28 at 2:00pm

General admission. Adults – $20 | Seniors (60+) – $18 | Children Under 12 – $12

For tickets, call (973) OLT-4420, email, or purchase online.


Thank you to all who auditioned for our upcoming production of The Robber Bridegroom. We’re thrilled to congratulate those who will be joining our cast:

Jamie Lockhart – Brandon Conti

Clement Musgrove – Eric Parkin

Salome – Mollie Gash

Rosamund – Lauren Taylor Berkman

Raven/Goat’s Mother – Lauren Green

Goat/Airie – Jesse Bush

Big Harp – James Russo

Little Harp – Noah Brendemeuhl

Ensemble – Brandon Emann, Kaitlyn Gandolfi, Pearl Hart, Frank Riccobono, Lindsay Rich, Joanna Sigurdsson

2018 Executive Board Nominations

At our November monthly meeting, nominations were accepted for our 2018 Executive Board. As only one nomination was received for each executive board position, elections will be conducted at our December meeting with our current Secretary, Cynthia Smith Barry, casting the sole vote for each nominee. Statements of nomination acceptance from each appear below:

PRESIDENT – Craig Tiede

Since first being nominated for, and elected, president of OLT in 2013, I have helped shepherd the organization through a period of change and growth, with the ultimate goal of ensuring it became known as one of the premiere community theater organizations in New Jersey. This past five years of work culminated in OLT receiving NJACT’s 2017 Community Theater of the Year award, demonstrating that we have made great strides and made our mark amongst our peers. Any community organization is only as good as the people it attracts and involves, and I am proud of who we’ve assembled and the work we’ve accomplished together. I remain committed to ensuring OLT builds on its reputation for presenting quality productions of lesser-produced works helmed by creative visionaries willing to take risks and become long-term members of our community of storytellers and artists. Whatever creative, logistical, interpersonal, or fiscal challenges lie ahead, I remain confident that my fair, open, experienced, and knowledgeable approach to the business behind our passions will continue to help OLT thrive.


I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as Vice President for a third consecutive term. Over the past few years there has been tremendous growth within our organization, and we are poised to use that momentum in exciting ways in 2018. I am committed to using my time and resources for not only the constituted responsibilities of my office, such as scheduling rehearsal space and managing rentals of our costumes and props, but increasing our community visibility with preview performances and the acquisition of local-business sponsors. I am fortunate to be part of such an inclusive and creative team of individuals that extends far beyond those sitting on the board. As NJACT’s 2017 Community Theatre of the Year, I am confident that the recognition we have received will support our goal of continuing to bring professional-level opportunities to those in and around Fair Lawn.

SECRETARY – Maureen McNulty

It is an honor to be nominated to serve as the secretary for the 2017-18 OLT Executive Board. This theatre has truly provided me with a supportive space to cultivate my love of theatre, something I did not think was possible after I graduated college. After trying out for a show two and a half years ago on a whim (and also because my friend wouldn’t stop bugging me), it seems like OLT has been a part of my life forever! In my time with OLT, I’ve been onstage in three productions and backstage for one. I look forward to the opportunities that serving on the board will provide me, especially in terms of helping this wonderful theatre continue to grow and provide the quality, professional theatre productions for which it is known.

TREASURER – Linda Wielkotz

I intend to run for the position of treasurer of Old Library Theatre for 2018. I’ve held the position for the last 2 years and am honored to run again. After being a member for 41 years I have seen the group go through many stages. I am happy to be a part of OLT and seeing it grow in a positive manner.



PUBLICITY CHAIR – Brendan Joel Bartlett
I am looking forward to assisting OLT with their publicity needs into their exciting new 2018 season. I’m excited about promoting the OLT agenda and exciting the community both close and distant to get involved and be inspired and enjoy our quality entertainment at a reasonable price by truly talented, caring individuals both on and off the stage. Having worked at OLT now for the last years has been fulfilling and worthwhile. Here’s to another year of learning and excitement and new relationships and lessons learned.

HOUSE MANAGER – Sheryl Heffernan

I am happy to have been nominated for a second term as House Manager. In the past year, I have established a Hospitality Committee and a House Committee to work with me. I could not have fulfilled the position with their help, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my team members. We cleaned out the Concession Stand storage area, purchased food-safe and air-tight storage boxes, and established par levels for supplies. The House Committee worked to ensure that the Storage Room in the basement meets fire safety standards. I have established a preferential seating for patrons with disabilities, by having them enter the theatre early when the house opens. This change has received a very positive response from our patrons. My goals for the coming year are to continue working to establish better order in the Storage Room and Office, to create written descriptions for responsibilities of front-of-the-house jobs, and to continue to try to gain members and additional patrons by making front-of–the-house and phone response experiences as friendly as possible for all who visit or contact Old Library Theatre.

WEBMASTER – Matt Haines

I am grateful and honored to serve on the Old Library Theatre executive board for another year. For the last three years, OLT has become a home for me. I believe it is a company that truly desires actors to feel at home and comfortable in their artistic endeavors. I am thrilled to continue to work on the board in hopes that we can continue to provide quality and affordable entertainment to our community. As webmaster, I strive to make sure our content is accessible to everyone who chooses to partake in community theatre.

Congratulations to the cast of the 7th Annual One Act Play Festival

OLT would like to thank all of the performers who auditioned for the upcoming production of The 7th Annual One Act Play Festival! We saw some extraordinary talent, which made casting very difficult. Congratulations to those cast!

Playwright, David Susman; Director, Beatriz Esteban-Messina
Ashley- Abigail Stokes
Professor Hoffman- Jack Pignatell

Split Decision
Playwright, Kitty Dubin; Director, Bill Kaufman
Marsha Klein- Florence Pape
Marty Klein- David Silberger
Skipper Crane- James Perlas

Suggested Donation
Playwright, Duncan Pflaster; Director, Cynthia Smith Barry
Doreen- Hayley Pass
Bill- Matt Haines
Joey- Dylan Zafran

The Callback
Playwright, Leland Frankel; Director, Marilyn Schilkie
Lewis Ashford- Paul Bettys
Molly Bates- Debra Carozza Lynch

The Quick Start Guide to Booting Your Man-Bot
Playwright, Phil Darg; Director, Thomas Winkler
Amy- Joanna Sigurosson
Man-Bot- Eric Robitaille
Repairman- Dylan Zafran