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3rdMany thanks to all who auditioned for our upcoming production of The 3rd Annual One Act Play Festival. Read on to see who was cast! For performance information, show dates, or tickets, visit our Special Events page.

The Company:

The Shrine
GRACE – Lisa Dascoli
MIRANDA – Mary L. Laido

Frogs, Monkeys and Bears, Oh My!
GRAMS – Erica Kresch
MEGAN – Maya Karp

WILL – Frank Borrelli
BRUCE – Everett “E.C.” Winkler
SHELLY – Kristen Taylor Gassler
ED – Andy Calderone
RAY – Eric Parkin
MIKE – Brian Mulligan
BOB – Rene Dussault

Biff and Blanche
BIFF – Erik O’Connell
BLANCHE – Leah Beekman

Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill to Get A Shot of Whiskey
JACK – Dan Conrad
JILL – Jeanine Conrad

Birds of Desire
SYLVESTER – Iggy Velez
ANGELICA – Vanessa Keen
CHARLES – Ernest P. Revell
JACK – Josh Miller
JEAN-PAUL – Jonathan McDevitt


Thank you to everyone who submitted their original work for OLT’s Third Annual One Act Play Festival. We received more than fifty total submissions and were very impressed by what we read! Though the final decisions were difficult, we’re pleased to announce our selections for this year’s festival:

“The Shrine”

Written by Michael Edan
Directed by Marilyn Schilkie

Two women who suffered through the same tragedy reconnect a year later.

“Frogs, Monkeys and Bears, Oh My!”

Written and Directed by Rachel Lichter

A grandmother struggles to explain “the birds and the bees” to her tween granddaughter.


Written and Directed by Will A. Sandoval

A young med student takes a job as a newspaper carrier to earn some extra cash.

“Biff and Blanche”

Written by John Twomey
Directed by Michael Sheehan, Jr.

Two actors, en route to an audition, meet while awaiting a taxi.

“Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill to Get a Shot of Whiskey”

Written and Directed by Rachel Lichter

Jack and Jill meet at a bar. But what comes tumbling after?

“Birds of Desire”

Written by Jonathan McDevitt
Directed by Gregory Liosi

A suave socialite discovers his lover is married to a man most fowl.

Performances will be held May 23-26, 2014 at the George Frey Center for Performing Arts at the Fair Lawn Recreation Center in Fair Lawn, NJ – Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm and Sunday at 2:00pm.