Old Library Theatre offers a wide variety of costumes, props and furniture! Prices start at $5 and items can be rented for 30 days. We also have packages of props and costumes specifically for “Gypsy” and “Dogfight”. These items can be rented a la carte or as a package.



2 Person-Operated Dragon Puppet = $50/day + $100 deposit, $50 pickup/drop-off within Passaic/Bergen counties


3 B's khaki

8 Marine casual looks: full khaki includes short sleeve button down, pants, belt, hat = $20 each look, $160 all 8

marine combat

7 Marine combat looks (these are real Marine looks): full olive drab includes pants, hat and jacket = $25 each, $175 all 7

3 b's street

Marine street clothes: several plaid, plain, or print short sleeve button downs to choose from in various sizes = $5 each

dogfight casual

Marine street clothes: light outerwear jackets = $10 a piece. Our Marines provided their own street clothes pants and shoes with a few exceptions so we do have pants if needed. = pants are $10 a piece

rose dress

Rose- custom made maroon party dress = $25
Rose- necklace, earrings and headband = $10 total

rose act 2 dress

Rose: act 2 look, burnt orange dress and multi colored cardigan = $10 dress, $5 cardigan

bows rose hippie birdlace combat

Rose hippie look: shirt, vest, wig, bandana, pants =$25 for whole look

birdlace and rose

Mama and Rose – matching aprons = $5 each

marcy dress

Marcy – green and black dress = $20

lounge singer velvet jacket

Lounge singer crushed velvet blue jacket = $15

hooker wig and lingerie

Hooker lingerie = $10

ruth 2 bears

Ruth Two Bears – vest and wig = $10 total


Other Items:
Rose: saddle shoes = $15
7 Olive drab one shoulder duffle bags (these are real Marine bags) = $10 each, $70 all 7
Lots of white boxers and undershirts for onstage change (if you are doing this) = $2 a piece
Wigs- Marcy wig professionally styled into a bouffant = $10
Wigs- random assortment of period wigs = $10 each
Guns 7 = $10 each or $70 for all 7
Prop tattoo gun = $5
Assorted ladies period dresses = $10 each
Assorted mens and womens watches = $5 each
Assorted handbags = $5 each
Assorted mens and womens shoes: $5 each
Records both in and out of cases, score cards, table dressings for diner and restaurant, menus, and some other random pieces that are anywhere from $1 to $5 to rent.

We do not have dogtags you will see in pics as they were donated as a “thank you” for the entire cast from the Army/Navy store we purchased these Marine looks from. Sorry!

Damage info:
If anything comes back irreparably damaged or stained then you will need to pay to replace it. If something that was handmade was damaged you will need to pay for the materials and time to remake it. We also will need full payment upfront, including estimated shipping, in order to send out of state. We will need at least 3 weeks notice prior to the date you need them in your hands.

For rental information please email OLT at Let us know what you need and we can send along photos and pricing information.

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